You’ve been conned!

One time I was doing my laundry outside then I heard through a speaker, “liquid screen protector available. It is durable and unbreakable. When you have this screen protector, a car can run over your phone and it won’t break” and I was like, “wait a minute.What?? Even Thor isn’t immune to that.” I thought of the poor people who will buy the product mainly because of that line then later crack it through a mere fall.

Now if you live in Kenya, especially Nairobi, I bet you have heard all sorts of marketing strategies to get you to buy products or even services. Some of them had you rolling yet at some point, you still bought the products. My city, Nairobi, is known for its witty conmen and their sweet tongues. There are all sort of people from different backgrounds trying to make a living. It’s a busy place that’s for sure. Here, you will find all sorts of hustles and startups. I’m really proud of the creativity. The thing is, some businesses are out to run you dry and con the hell out of you.

On a busy day while walking down the streets of what we like to call downtown, you might bump into a small (or sometimes big) crowd gathered round someone who seems to really have their attention. If you are a curious mind, you’d peep to see what the excitement is about. There you will see a man( they are mostly men) talking to the crowd holding notes. If it happens to be a small crowd he will notice your interest and say, “karibu sana, Leo ni siku yako ya kua mshindi. Huku nimefanya watu wakakua ma millionaire” Your heart will skip at the sound of the word millionaire. You’ve wanted to become a millionaire all your life,who doesn’t. So the rules are explained to you, you have to exchange some money in turn for double the value after you win whatever challenge is the theme of the day.

Today the man shows you four poker cards and shuffles them. You have to pick a particular one in order to get lucky and start your journey to becoming a ‘millionaire’. You think to yourself, ” this is a kids game I can easily do this”. You start with a 50 shilling note to check if the odds are on your side and to your excitement, you win yourself another 50 shs after picking the right card. This gets your adrenaline high and you now put 100 shillings, you get 200. You think to yourself, “this is easy.” I don’t know if it’s always the devil or just pure excitement but you now put 1000shs hoping to get 2000. The 1000 shs always never comes back. It must be a trick these guys use or pure bad luck. The thing is, you never stop till you realise you don’t have transport back home. That’s when your mind will jumpstart back into its senses and you’ll realise what this is. Victims always vow never to take part in such activies again..most of them turning their experience into testimonies leaving their audience in awe of their stupidity. It’s always funny hearing it from someone else until it happens to you.

Personally I’ve heard so many con stories I think I’m unable to fall victim to it. But if it happens you’ll be the first to know. I really hope I don’t have to tell the story though.

Have you ever been conned? Please make my day by telling me your story😂.

Landlord Shenanigans

A message popped on my phone, “Dear Wendi” it started. Immediately I knew where it was from. Only one person misspells my name with this much audacity. Okay two but the other one would never text me so it rounds up to this particular one, my landlord. My heart skipped a beat before opening the message because landlords don’t text you to ask how life’s treating you, it’s always about money.

I have been home from the university since may due the virus that has thrown most of us off balance. We had this year all planned out but this just had to happen. I remember making my vision board in December. Trip to Mombasa, check, new glasses, check, better relationship check. None of these things happened and here I am seven months later still at home. I had hoped each month that things would go back to how they were and in each my hopes dwindled. Time flew so fast and here we are, three months away from a new year, still getting updates on rising cases.

Back to my landlord. I open the message and it reads

“Dear Wendi, following the resumption of students you are expected to pay the rent in full from this month October. If you are unable to do so please vacate to give room for other students by Monday.”

I laugh a little, she’s funny. Its Friday night and I’m in Nairobi. So, its basically a two-day notice. You’d think I had my bags ready for this notification. Following the president’s speech on 30th September final year students were called back to school leaving the rest of us mouths open wondering how it came to this. So obviously I wasn’t going to pay full amount for an unoccupied house. Second, I won’t be out by Monday. So, I call her and negotiate deadlines, which she extends. It’s like she was waiting for a complaint from me given the enthusiasm in which she answered.

This year was tough for most people. Even landlords and especially those who own student accommodation. The closure of schools saw them lose money as they had to reduce rent since no one was physically occupying the houses. Some even did not charge at all. I was always envious of the beneficiaries. We paid half rent which after learning some did not pay, I asked for a drop in the price and she did drop it. I can imagine what the landlord thinks of me.

“she complains a lot for a new tenant”

I bet she misspells my name on purpose.

this is me looking at nothing


I am wholeheartedly grateful to be nominated for this award. Days into getting back to writing and now this? I’m so happy!

A big thanks to Shantel of for nominating me. Thank you for seeing my potential and supporting me.

So basically The Mystery Blogger Award strives to expose and recognize the large number of amazing blogs that have not been discoverd yet. It is a very thoughtul creation by Okoto @OkotoEnigmasBlog and as she puts it; ““Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.
– Okoto Enigma


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3 Random facts about me

I am the only girl in my family with four brothers.
I cry a lot especially when i,m frustrated or during an argument.
I believe in happy endings.


1.What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
I try to remember my dream. I have a tendency to forget my dreams and they are always really fascinating. So when i wake up i try to recall it when my mind is still fresh from sleep. Though at times i still end up forgetting.

2.How long have you been blogging?
I started in 2017 then took a loong break from it. Just got back a week ago.

3.What’s that one thing you can’t live without?
Hmmm. I guess my phone.(I’ve never really thought about this).

4.Hot or Cold beverage?
Both depending on the situation, during a hot day i’d prefer cold and vice versa.

5.Funny question: What attracts me most in a guy? Nice teeth. I just like my guys with good dental formula and hygiene.

I nominate anyone who reads this post🖤. Answer these questions:

What keeps you going when things get tough? How do you find the inspiration to write? What is the one thing you cant live without? A quote you live by? Funny question; Most embarrassing moment?

Please comment when you take part so I can add you to my nominees list.

My best post

Going vegan in an African home

I’d happily participate in chasing a chicken but would close my eyes during the cutting of its neck. Then i’ll offer a hand at plucking its feathers but would watch it being sectioned at a distance. My mother always says I have to learn to do it on my own. Adding that one day, my husband will want me to make him some. Honestly, I doubt i’ll ever get the courage. Anyway, this post is not about making chicken for your mans. A thought came up to me when my brother displayed a video of them chasing the chicken that we were now devouring. Growing up in an African home, you practically cant escape meals that involve meat.

Slaughtering of animals like cows, goats are the key moments that mark African celebrations. There was a time just the thought of Christmas holidays had you imagining a fat chicken thigh on your hand and even to date, we associate it with feasting. Visitors are coming? Go get a chicken from the backyard. Your sister just graduated? Again, bring the big cockerel lets celebrate!. Visiting days back at school were characterized with hotpots filled with steaming meat that filled the whole compound with sweet aromas.

We cant deny that we’ve grown to know chicken, and meat in general, as the ‘special’ meal and transitioning to vegan can be somewhat..tricky. For one, when I look into my household, my mother wont make any exception to her cooking. She always go by the rule, ‘you will eat whatever I prepare’. We are lucky to be in a family of no allergies so we eat practically everything and this is to my mum’s advantage as she does not have any special meals. Make my father an exception. I can imagine her response when someone says they no longer want to have meat. I’ve played it in my head a couple of times. It would go something like, ” Itabidi umekula tu skuma na cabbage sasa”. Or lentils and beans. You will start strong,but eventually relapse each time having a taste of meat once more.

Another scenario I relate to is school. My school is located in the countryside. Approximately an hour away from the town center by car. You can imagine the hustle of going to the big supermarkets or hotels in town which at least have vegan options. The most common comrade meal taken is kale and eggs. On good days you will see students thronging the butchery. Then of course there’s chapati and it sums up to basically just that. I can say there is no wide variety to choose from so if you strike down meat your options will definitely narrow further.

In conclusion, deciding to go vegan is a big step. an doing so in an African home is a bigger one. I think those who are willing to take this path should brace themselves for the prying looks of aunties when you decline their offer of meat during family events. Some will not understand and say it is ‘maringo’ then even tell their children not to associate with you.😂😂😂😂 I know i have exaggerated a bit but you get my point. Yes? Okay.

Okay.. I’ll take you back

We’re back together!!😊

It has been a long minute. The last time I posted something here was for an assignment which I deleted immediately it was marked. My lecturer really makes us step up as journalists. The old man’s tasks are always wild and I’ll thank him for that because journalism isn’t only about the classroom. It is what you do outside of it that matters and I will confess that I haven’t been doing much of that.

I’m currently in bed and it’s 1:40 am. Please remind me not to sleep during the day again cause now I don’t feel sleepy even one bit. I’m always an early napper and today is clearly an exception. I ate at around 7:30..that’s like five hours ago. I’m so hungry at the moment and I’m resisting every nerve in me that just wants to go into the kitchen and whip something up. Aki that’s why I don’t like sleeping late..after supper I always want to sleep an hour later cause now I feel like someone who hasn’t eaten any decent meal for days.

Staying up this late with no series to binge, just staring at the ceiling,gave me a chance to think. Recently I’ve taken a liking to the WordPress community. I enjoy reading people’s blogs and the support here is so amazing and positive and I’d like to be part of it. I enjoy writing, I really do. I’ll call my inconsistency laziness cause I have no one to blame but myself.i admire content creators who put their work out there on the clock. They are always giving us something. I feel disappointed when a page I follow on YouTube doesn’t upload a video on time..ama when they go MIA. I never put into consideration the strength and time doing this actually requires. And that’s why I have mad respect for consistent creatives.

I’d like to give me and writing another shot at our relationship. It has been reaching out and begging me to take it back and the way I try to maintain healthy relationships around me I took it back. I don’t want hard feelings. So I’ll try my best to write when I get the motivation..and I hope that it comes.. I’ll pray for this union of ours and I hope to get and give the most to it.

It is now 2 am and my eyes are still wide open while my stomach is rumbling. Ama I just go to the kitchen surely. Ah lemme sleep.


IMG_20171208_183134.jpgThis year has taught me a lot and i’m only grateful that iv’e made it this far. This is the year all high school students wait for. That moment you finish school and have all the time to eat,sleep and hang out with friends. I remember sitting in groups back at school and chatting the night away during weekends of the fun things we’d do after school,all the hairstyles we were going to rock and all those other juicy stuff we thought happened outside school. This was not the case.

For a fact,it reached a point I missed school.In an ideal African home,you’ll only get money occasionally when you are in school. So this period is actually filled with being broke almost all the time. Those hairstyles and latest trends were only wishes. Some were lucky to attend events. At least that part of their wishlist was fulfilled.But that was not the case for me. I have the strictest parents I swear. You don’t have to bother asking because the answer will definitely be NO.

But aside from all that I had my new phone. Which became the most valuable possession when i discovered wattpad. Its and app where you can read books of all genres.Reading always takes me to a world of fantasies, broadens my mind and improves my skills in writing too. I also received my KCSE results this year. I did well considering we had a new Cabinet Secretary who vowed to bring change in the education sector. Our examination year was more strict and supervised. I also put a lot of effort during my last two years in school which i’m grateful for till date.Hard work really does bear fruits.

Its a trend to attend computer classes after high school. There was no exception in my case.Around March i joined The Institute of Advanced Technology. This was one of the best periods of this year.At least I got to do something productive,met new people and it got me out of the house. My class had lovely people and the best teacher who explained the concepts with ease and expertise. The best part is that we got to do our examinations in town. One,I got pocket money and two I got to know Nairobi town better. I also excelled in these tests and my dad always questioned if the examinations were too easy. Come on, it wouldn’t have been the case if i’d have failed….haha. I also learnt how to create a blog and that’s how dailythoughtsbyglam came up. We got letters of admission to universities as we neared finishing the course.

I was called to Moi University in Eldoret, to pursue my dream career, Journalism and communication..yaaay. So I completed the computer course and started preparations for campus.Filling forms, shopping, this was so exciting.I turned 18 in August too…yay to adulthood.My birthday was awesome. I got some money, my family was around to celebrate it with me, what else could I ask for?We joined campus on August 28th. My admission day was quite hectic. Just a tip,when joining campus,make sure you have all the detailed information about the school. I’d prefer you visit beforehand to familiarize with the environment. I ended up queuing in another department and only upon reaching the admission desk was I informed that I did not belong to that school.what frustrated me more was the fact that I spent half of the day in that queue and when I went to my school there was no queue at all. Hunger was creeping on me really fast. I couldn’t hold back the tears.

I finished up that part and headed to the hostels. I’m still grateful that I never fainted on that day. But I always console myself knowing others have it worse and complaining should not be part of me.I met some of my former schoolmates and it really helped. I couldn’t imagine being in a place where I knew no one and had to make new friends. I mean I love making friends but its not an easy task. You have to gain each others trust and all that…making real friends takes quite a long time.We only stayed in school for a few weeks then the lecturer’s strike began.This would have been the best news if I was still in high school. But it changed since I joined actually want to just stay in school. That freedom is sweet, but only if used well.

During those few weeks at school, i learnt a few things:

  • Choose your friends well. Not everyone can be your friend, others might act sweet but that doesn’t mean you trust them with your whole being. Act sweet to them too but set your boundaries. Also campus is where you’ll get all the connections that will help you out there once you graduate. Personally i’d rather you stick with people who build you and push you to be greater, make you get out of your comfort zone and do something productive. You will thank them later.
  • Don’t rush into a relationship. This happened to me and all I can say is that it did not go well.People go to school with the psyche of experiencing life that was denied to you when you were in high school. Especially those that attended a girls only school like me and were never noticed by boys. So you fall hard when a boy approaches you and showers you will everything you want to hear. Take things slow and work on yourself first. You cant let someone in your life when you yourself haven’t discovered what you want to do with it first. Set a foundation first, the rest will follow.
  • You don’t have to attend all events. There’s this event my friends and i paid for during my first Friday in school. The promised guest artists did not show up, numbers were low,nothing happened at that event honestly. We ended up going to bed at ten and feeling wasted.Money is a very valuable thing in campus.
  • Join clubs and activities.This will keep you busy and distracted from all those temptations in campus. It will become part of your schedule and you will definitely acquire skills from them.Some of these organisations actually help you when it comes to getting oriented into the school. This is because there are older people who have stayed longer in the institution.
  • Design a schedule. This will help in organizing yourself.It will also keep you on toes and you will also get to catch up on academics.

Meanwhile i hope for the best come next year. ill make sure to update all the juicy events on my stay in campus. Resolution tip: ” Time is an illusion. Do not wait for 2018 to change.if you want to change, change now.Do not procrastinate.”




We have all been there,truly and hopelessly in love. The teenage love,young and tender.This love hits you like a sledge hammer.Grace is all about Mike and Mike is all about Grace.Sex being the primary bond to these unions.

Over the years,teenagers have been involved in careless texting of their obscene personalities and desires of the flesh which we all call sexting.The reasoning behind it is to turn on the other partner by sending erotic texts or sexy pictures(nude photos).It has become so rampant and the party worst affected when these relationships go down the drain are the ladies.

A friend of mine once fell victim when she broke up with her boyfriend. The guy literary posted her nude pictures on Facebook and captioned:

Inbox forand..naked boobs.

Those of us well oriented into the social media platform know for a fact that Facebook is the most widely used application.He never hid her face in the pictures. Everyone knew her identity,her friends looked down upon her.This led to social isolation and emotional torture.She lost her dignity and had a permanent scar in her soul.

However much you are knee-deep in the sea of love,do not trust your partner with every fibre of your precious being.And more so never allow them to have your naked pictures.At the end of the day computers get hacked and even the most responsible people lose their phones.

So dear ladies,before you press that inevitable SEND button think about your worth and remember, “The internet never forgets”❤


You know,as you grow up,you’ll have lots of friends.There will be real ones,fake ones. At least this is expected.It all depends on you,as an individual to choose wisely. Its all wise to have many acquaintances cause you never know when the might come in handy.But free advice.TRUST A FEW.As we grow wiser,people will fall off.Let them.

Not all those around us want the best for us.Some just want to be present and sneer as they watch you fall.But don’t give them the honour.That’s why you should work your head off to be the best.Never let anyone intimidate you because each one of us has a purpose and only the mighty Lord knows that purpose.

So why do we often feel sad?Why do we check to see if so and so is doing better than us?This only shows that we are wasting precious time we could use to nurture the best version of our existence. Once you are assured of God’s trust,love,support,haha,my dear all those other problems are nothing.

So its high time you got up,looked around and identify those who bring positive energy to your life.As for those who don’t,well,baby you need to let them go.Because your life ain’t about that


Most of us find it much easier to express ourselves better on paper. It’s like stating all your problems,feelings and desires to someone.Only this time,one is not afraid of being judged. Your pen and paper will stare silently at you,as if listening to what you have to say.It’s actually very fulfilling I guess.

Join me in my journey of self discovery and share my mind!🖤🖤

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